Useful Information

Clearance Procedure

  • All shipments consisting of HHGs entering Pakistan must be open for customs inspection.
  • All shipment are to 100% Examination at the Port / Airport.
  • Surface shipment usually take 3 and 4 working days from the date of the vessel’s arrival until they are cleared and available for delivery.
  • Air shipments usually take between 2 and 3 working days.

Custom Information

  • There are no restrictions on the number of HHGs in a shipment. Shipper can be import into Pakistan however, all shipment have to the enter the country no latter then 60 days from the date of arrival of the shipper to the country.
  • All new and used items that are part of a standard shipper’s house are considered Personal Effects by the custom authority. The quantity brought should not be such that may imply commercial purpose.

Duty & Taxes

  • Custom authorities assessment of value for custom duty & taxes all new and used items as per custom tariff.
  • Custom duties & taxes are approximately 70% of the assessment value.
    All informations relating custom regulation are subject to change without prior notification.
  • Please check current regulation prior to shipment.

Diplomatic Shipment

  • The shipper or his / her employer must obtain diplomatic Exemption Certificate from “Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” There are no duties & taxes to be paid for this type of an import.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited articles detained by Custom Authorities may be destroyed with out consignee consent.

  • The following items are prohibited in Pakistan.
  • Any other goods that are not included in the category of HHGs & Personal Effects.
  • All pornographic literature, videos, films & pictures.
  • Alcoholic beverages ( including fine Wines )
  • Medicines and magical drugs (allowed in reasonable quantities, but subject to analysis by custom authorities.
  • Wireless Transmitters.
  • Ammunition and Explosives.
  • Drugs and Narcotics.

Transfer of Residence Allowance

  • First time migrants coming to Pakistan or Individuals wishing to take up permanent residence and Pakistan citizens returning to resume permanent residence in Pakistan are able to import HHGs and Personal Effects free of duties and taxes they have lived abroad for more than two years (consecutively for the last two years) and they haven’t returned to Pakistan for more then 60 days during same period.
  • Foreign national citizen must be shown stay in Pakistan for Two years (Visa valid for Two years) then avail T.R. allowance.

NOTE: As per Transfer of Residence allowance all Electronics items are dutiable as per Pakistan custom rules.

Documents Required for T.R. Allowance

  • Canceled Visa on Passport ( if shipper Pakistan citizen )
  • Job leaving / completion certificate ( if shipper Pakistan citizen )
  • Visa valid for Two years ( Foreign citizen )

Quarantine Requirements


For the import of domesticated cats & dogs the requirements are as

follows: (for any other imports please consult our office )

  • Health certificate and vaccination record. The certificate and the record must have been completed within the last Two Months.
  • The animals must be accompanied by the necessary documentation, whether the pet is traveling with the owner & alone. If the animal traveling alone, the documents must accompany the Air Way Bill that the Moving company will send with the shipment.


.               Returning Pakistan Nationals and residents having lived abroad for at least Two years can import one used automobile against Transfer of Residence allowance.

Car model must be Two-year back from current model.

Car must be used and registered under shipper’s name.

Custom duty & taxes are based on car model & engine capacity.

As per T.R. allowance availed 50% off of car value.

Documents Required for Automobiles

Owner ship certificate

Registration certificate

Two OBL ( consignee must be shown owner name )

Insurance ( if applicable )

Additional Services

Piano or heavy items policy

Additional charges are applied for handling Pianos. Extra charges also apply to items such as safe and other heavy items. Please check with our office before quoting.

Assembly of Furniture Policy

Additional charges are applied when third party and / or specialist is required.

Useful Information

The electricity supply throughout Pakistan is 220 volts. Television and video communication operate on PAL color system.

Pakistan is closed for the weekends on Sunday.


Additional charges are applied for difficult accesses, hoisting, shuttle services and or extra deliveries / These services are provided upon request and will be billed to the shipper at destination unless specified otherwise.